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Savings Products


Fosa Savings Products

Current/Deposit A/C

  1. Members can deposit and withdraw on demand.
  2. Overdraft services available.

Smart Savers A/C

  1. Is a savings product that earns competitive interest.
  2. Withdrawals are limited to once per three months(quarterly).
  3. Has no account maintenance fees.

Fixed deposit Account

  1. Minimum amount of Shs 50,000.
  2. Period -One Month, Three months, Six months, and one year
  3. Negotiable interest rate.

Call Deposit Account

Similar to fixed deposits but the account holder can Withdraw on notice (min 7 days notice)

Cheque Book

An individual account or group holder can request for personalized cheque book from any of our branches

Junior Star Account

An account meant for young kids below the age of 18 years.

  1. Account opening fee of Ksh 500.
  2. Competitive interest rates payable to accounts holding a  minimum balance of Ksh 5000.
  3. Free bank statement every 3 months upon request.
  4. Free standing orders from parents/guardians A/C.
  5. Free bankers cheque for school fees payment.
  6. Cannot access loans until the account holder is 18 years and above.  

Opening Requirements

For the child

  1. Original & Copy of birth certificate.
  2. Passport photo.

For the Parent/Guardian

  1. Original & Copy of ID or valid passport.
  2. Passport photo.

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