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Mon - Fri 08:00-16:00 0719212730 / 0715557848
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Mobile Banking

Dimkes Sacco considers your convenience in accessing banking services.

Dimkes Sacco considers your convenience in accessing banking services. With mobile banking, you can access the following services PoPote ulipo na Dimkes M-Chipuka.

How do i register for Dimkes M-Chipuka

Register at your nearest branch or Download the application form here, fill and avail it to the nearest Dimkes branch with a copy of your national id card.

How do I access Dimkes M-Chipuka:

  1. USSD -Dial *850#.
  2. DIMKES M-CHIPUKA MOBILE APP(download on google store).

The following menu appears on your screen where you can choose from:-

  1. Member Info
  2. Balance Enquiry.
  3. Cash Withdrawal.
  4. Cash Deposit.
  5. Mini Statement.
  6. Funds Transfer.
  7. Loans.
  8. Buy Airtime
  9. Change Pin

How to deposit money through M-PESA PAYBILL

We have a registered paybill account with Safaricom NO:804800 through which our clients can make deposits and loan repayments directly into their accounts.

  1. Scroll down to M-PESA menu on your phone,
  2. Choose pay bill from the Lipa na m-pesa menu,
  3. Enter DIMKES business number—-804800
  4. Enter amount
  5. Enter account number
  6.  Enter the secret PIN and press OK
  7. A summary page appears with details of your payment
  8. Press ok to complete the transaction

Account number prefixes (note this is to be typed before your account number for the preferred transaction)

  • SN — Normal shares
  • LN— Normal loan
  • LF— Fosa loan
  • DN— Deposit Account
  • LE — Emergency loan