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Members Portal

Asset Finance

This is a short to medium term loan granted to customers for purchase of capital assets, mainly motor vehicles, construction equipment, industrial plant & machinery, agricultural equipment and Land.

Elimu Loan

This loan is meant for educational advancement. It may be taken out by parents/ guardians to pay for their students or individual members who want to pursue education.

Development Loan

BOSA & FOSA Development Loan is a product designed to enable our clients access funding towards starting and developing a business, construction and asset purchase.

Mkulima Loan

Do you need to purchase farm inputs such as fertilizers, chemicals, machinery hiring, labor and harvesting costs? All you need is to have made share contributions for a period of six months to qualify!

Salary Advance

This is a short term loan granted mainly to salaried customers.

Loan Purchase

The loan being purchased should be a performing loan, proof of which should be given to the credit officer for evaluation. Members are required to give security for the loan.

Medical Loan

Medical bills can be overwhelming, especially if they are unexpected. This is an emergency loan based on members’ normal shares and thus a member can qualify upto 3 times of their shares.

Landlord Loan

The loan allows members who are landlords to carry out construction and renovations (repairs, painting etc)

Chama Loan

Chama loan is designed to enable registered self-help groups, welfare and investment groups to acquire loans for wealth creation of its members