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Mon - Fri 08:00-16:00 0111 033100 / 0719 212730
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How do one register to be a member of DIMKES Sacco?

One needs to visit any of our branches and physically fill in the registration certificate. You need to come along with your original ID, copy of ID, recent colored passport and 500ksh.

When using the website to register, one has to FIRST register on our portal then proceed to registering as a new member. Once you have completed the process, you will get an email confirmation and feedback from our customer service officer regarding your account number

How long do I have to wait to get an account number with you?

Immediately you fill in the registration you shall be given an account number and you will only pay registration fee once our officers have duly and fully registered you.

How often can I deposit and make withdrawals?

Well our members can make deposit as often as they can and they can withdrawal any day to those accounts that permits that like the deposit account.

There are those accounts that permit you to deposit as often as you like but cannot withdraw often unless the stipulated time lapses. For example the smart saver account, normal share account, fixed deposit account, call deposit account.

What are the benefits of none withdraw able accounts?

Anyone who operate a non withdraw able account with us will have dividends by the end of a financial year for the normal share account and fosa share account, accounts like smart saver account ,fixed deposit, call deposit one earns interest depending on the period and the interest is negotiable.

When do I qualify for a loan?

One qualifies for a loan on the BOSA side after six months where we shall issue you with a loan which will be times two of your savings then you shall be given two years to repay back with an interest of 1% reducing balance.

Afterwards we shall be giving you loans times 3 of your saving and repayment period will be 3years.
For those operating a deposit account you also can qualify for a loan but your account ought to be active, we shall ask for previous bank statement and security which can be a log book, title deed and one will incurer 1% processing fee and 10%of the 1% excess duty.

Can I have more than one loan at a time?

Yes a member can have more than one loan so long the other loans are performing or are up to the schedule. One can have an emergency loan.

Do I need guarantors if my loan is equivalent to my deposit?

If one needs a loan that is equivalent to his or her deposit one does not need guarantors but the amount one can get is less 3000ksh share capital.

How can I make payment into my account?

A member can make deposit over the counter; a member can make payment via our pay bill number which is 804800 or can use standing order or our swift codes.

What do I need to make a withdrawal?

A member just requires an original national ID or passport.

Do you have a number one can call to make an inquiry?

Yes we do have a customer care desk and the number one can call for enquiry is 0111033100 / 0719 212730.


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