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Chama Loan


Features and requirements of Group loans:

  • Group must be registered with the relevant authority
  • Membership of shall be between 10 to 50 members
  • Minimum monthly savings of 2000/=
  • Group shall provide minutes authorizing the procurement of loan facility which shall be stamped and certified by half the group members and the Oversight Ministry.
  • Loans to be guaranteed by all the group members.
  • Group must have saved for a minimum of six months.
  • Groups will also qualify for asset finance.
  • Interest rates of as low as 1.25% p.m. reducing balance
  • Finance periods of up to 36 months with the duration being fixed at the beginning of the loan facility.
  • The loan will attract a 1% processing fee plus an excise duty of 10% of the processing fee.
  • All legal Fees/Costs shall be borne by the applicant.

N/B: for both these loan all other policies that in regards to Loans, Shares and savings are to remain constant.

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