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Chama Loan

Chama loans are designed to enable registered self-help groups, welfare and investment groups to acquire loans for wealth creation of its members

Loan Requirements

  • Group must be registered with the relevant authority
  • Membership of Group shall be at least 10 members
  • Group shall provide minutes authorizing the application of a loan facility which shall be stamped and certified by oversight ministry.
  • At least 2/3 of group members must sign the minutes
  • Group must have saved consistently for a minimum of six months.

Loan Features

  • Maximum amount is 1 million
  • Maximum repayment period is 36 months
  • Minimum Sacco membership is 6 months
  • Interest rate is 15% p.a reducing balance
  • Processing fee is 2%, Insurance 0.7% p.a
  • Collateral – Shares and personal guarantee & indemnity for amount up to 1 million and tangible security (Log book and Title deed) for amount above 1 million.
  • Repayment should not exceed 90% of monthly savings in current and share account.

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