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Biashara Loan



The member must be operating a current account with us. If not, then they must be having normal shares, a minimum of a third of the loan amount applied.

For the operating current accounts, their monthly deposits average will determine how much they can be able to repay the loan, hence the amount they qualify for.

Business assessment report by a credit officer.

The loan must be secured by either:

  1. Guarantors
  2. Chattels mortgage on business assets
  3. Any other collateral for example log book, title deed, salary.

A chattel mortgage agreement is to be prepared through our appointed lawyer upon which the particular loan application can be deemed complete.

  • Interest rate: 16% p.a on reducing balance. However, loan fully guaranteed by guarantors will be at 12% p.a on reducing balance
  • Repayment period: 24 months for first time borrowers after which loan will be payable in 36 months
  • Charges: The loan will attract a 1% processing fee plus an excise duty of 10% of the processing fee on top of the charges incurred on different collaterals.

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