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Mon - Fri 08:00-16:00 0111 033100 / 0719 212730
Licensed by SASRA
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31,000 Customers
Jan 1 1999
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We are licensed by SASRA as a DEPOSIT TAKING SACCO and we have operated a front office since the year 2010. Our systems are fully automated and we employ the highest standards of management in running our affairs.

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To be a world class deposit taking Sacco anchored on christian values.


To holistically transform lives through sustainable economic empowerment while being socially responsible and meeting stakeholder’s needs.

Our Core

  • Customer focus.
  • Professionalism.
  • Integrity.
  • Innovation.
  • Inclusivity.
  • Resilience.

Our History

The Sacco was started in 1999 and in 2010 it was rebranded to become an out reaching deposit taking institution. Thanks to SASRA who have licensed us to take deposits. What started as an exclusively mothers union(ladies) Sacco with member deposits as low as Ksh 500.00 has grown to an institution with a portfolio of Ksh 1.6 Billion and membership of 29,800. The idea of opening a front office activity outlet opened the floodgates of success which came with their challenges. The Sacco is now a reputable financial institution whose achievement is building strong members’ economy stands conspicuous.

Dimkes management style is a pointer to the Saccos success. As staff members are valued and listened to well for any input, members and customers are suitably attended to and assisted as per their demands and needs. Thanks to the able board of directors and diligent members of staff who have always used their skills to meet various challenges.


Our vision is to bring affordable banking services closer to the people hence participate in the achievement of one sustainable development goal – No poverty. We have been able to empower small scale traders particularly women. Many small scale farmers have been able to upgrade their stock through the affordable loans we provide. Many have been able to build permanent houses after buying land with the loans we provide. We have been able to partner with churches in their development endeavors.

The Sacco is working on partnerships with other players in the economy to ensure their members get quality goods for quality prices.

In partnership with Family Bank, we are pleased to say that members are able to get personalized cheque books.

Dimkes has been paying high dividends to members, also has a subsidiary started a Dimkes investment company that is helping members acquire property.

Dimkes is a growing Sacco where you can invest your money safely and get value for it!



Our membership is open to individuals, groups (Chama’s) and corporate bodies.
Interested members fill an application form which when completely filled is submitted accompanied by a copy of National ID and Registration certificate for groups and corporate and any other document deemed necessary by the society.

The membership fee is Kshs.500 only.

Minimum Share Capital Fee is Ksh. 1000